Fiber optic sensors for critical measurement applications

Optical sensing solutions for industrial applications

We supply Opens Solutions‘ wide range of innovative fibre optic sensing solutions and associated signal conditioners based on proprietary patents and patent-pending technologies. These systems are designed to measure a number of parameters, including temperature, pressure, strain and displacement to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and end-users in industrial fields such as Mining / Geotechnical, Oil and Gas, Defense and Aerospace, Industrial & Laboratory, Smart Structure Health Monitoring, and Microwave Chemistry & Food.

Our products

Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors

High accuracy and repeatable optical temperature sensors for your needs.

Fiber Optic Pressure Sensors

Opsens Solutions optical pressure sensor delivers reliable results in harsh environment.

Fiber Optic Strain Sensors

Opsens Solutions optical strain sensor delivers reliable results in harsh environment.

Fiber Optic Displacement Sensors

Designed to deliver long term accuracy and reliability.

Fiber Optic Extensometer

Versatile and reliable fiber optic extensometer.

Signal conditioners / OEM boards

Compact size, full featured and cost effective fiber optic signal conditioner boards for OEM applications.

Industrial fields

Oil & Gas

Opsens Solutions offers a multitude of turn-key solutions for the oil & gas industry, providing design, installation and field support services.

Defense and Aerospace

Fiber optic sensor is getting attraction in the aerospace and defence due to its intrinsically safe feature, its resistance to withstand harsh environment capability such as intense EMI, high temperature, chemical corrosion, high pressure, high voltage and lightning environments.

Industrial & Laboratory

Optical transducers for RF drying, microwave food heating, testing and packaging and all applications that involve processing and treatment with radiation.

Smart Structure Health Monitoring

Fiber optic pressure, strain, linear displacement, and temperature sensor for structural health monitoring.

Geotechnical fiber optic monitoring solutions

Unique solution to monitor pressure, strain, linear displacement, and temperature for geotechnical applications.

Microwave Chemistry & Food

Opsens fiber optic sensor for microwave assisted chemistry, digestion and microwave food research.

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